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Living Letters

Text: 2 Cor 3:1-6

Paul begins our text by telling the Corinthians they are living letters, literally a letter of recommendation on the effectiveness of his ministry. Like them, our lives, and the way we live, reflect the effectiveness of our faith to those we encounter.

The last 8 words of our text yesterday were: under the new covenant, the Spirit gives life. How can each of us reflect the impact on our life provided by the Spirit? Probably thousands of ways. One very practical way would be to be able to easily share the Gospel.

Just need to remember the acronym AJB. The All Jesus Believers Gospel.

Starting today, gather your family, or by yourself learn and get comfortable with the basics of AJB.
A: All have sinned  - or – All have missed God’s mark – or - All have sinned and fallen short of God’s holiness.
J:  Jesus didn’t, which is why He could be sacrificed in our place – or -  Jesus didn’t fall short and therefore was an acceptable sacrifice for our shortfall.
B:  Believe that about yourself and Jesus and that He was raised from the dead and you are saved – or- something similar.

Play around with it. Make it fun. Pick a version most comfortable for you. This is for your joy. It shouldn’t be a miserable exercise. Build some anticipation. Repetition is the easiest way to get comfortable with anything. Why do you think athletes practice the same thing over and over? It’s to make it reflexive. Second nature.

Then pick a day of the week and set a reminder (with a one week repeat, or every few days). Label it AJB w Family. Then either before or after a meal, go around the table, each person reciting the AJB in their own words. Again, keep it fun. Do it for a month and the next time the Lord provides a Kingdom opportunity to share the Gospel you’ll not just be ready, you’ll be excited to share.

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