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Love & Faith
Text: Phm 4-7

Agape & Faith. They go together like Bacon & Eggs. Thankfulness & prayer… Bacon & Eggs.

Agape & Faith, Thankfulness & Prayer. Again, Bacon & Eggs. They just belong together.

In verse 6, Paul writes: I pray that your participation in the faith may become effective through knowing every good thing that is in you for the glory of Christ.

I wore my Bulldog shirt yesterday for the illustration I had for this verse. It would seem it wasn’t for yesterday, but today’s email. The Spirit can work like that.

Paul prayed for his friend’s “participation in the faith.” Prayed. Made mention. For what? That he would participate in the faith.

Our faith is not a spectator sport. Nothing wrong with rooting for your team. Nothing at all. However, when it comes to your faith and your agape for God & His Son, sitting and watching from the sidelines is not an option. God expects His children to be participating in the faith. Effectively sharing their faith. How? Through knowing every good thing that is in them for the glory of Christ! Not your glory, His glory.

Not sure how? Ask someone. Read your bible. Do it. God expects you to do it. The joy that Paul was capable of from a prison cell and the thankfulness he had in his prayer life can be yours. I promise.

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