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Is God's Provision Enough?

Text: Philippians 4:10-23

Contentment is elusive for most of us. We live in arguably the most prosperous time in the history of the world. Lottery prizes in excess of a BILLION dollars. Which means people, people like you and me have coughed up nearly 2 billion for a chance at that prize.

Is that so wrong? Possibly. Our text indicate what matters to God is our motivation. WHY do we want the lottery money?

The Philippians had helped Paul in the past and wanted to help him again, but they lacked the means. I’ve yet to meet the person completely content with what they have. Most of us are at least a little like John Rockefeller who famously stated when he was asked how much money was enough said, “Just a little bit more.” And he was the richest man on the planet at the time.

Pick a time in human history and that will likely be the response from most people, whether royalty, or of lowliest estate. We all seem to want "just a little bit more”.

Which is exactly what makes verse 13 so important. "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." Everything! No just in times when you’re jammed up. Always!

Paul called it the “secret of living in every situation”. Every situation.

But how?

God’s power in Christ. Plain and simple. Chapter 4 is the playbook for contentment in God’s provision. His economy. Remaining content in abundance, or scarcity is a function of how much we are willing to trust in God’s provision. In His grace and understanding of what we can handle.

Most of us are unwilling to admit we aren’t capable of handling more. We are self-deceived as Paul Tripp is fond of pointing out. Every one of us to some degree believe we are not only capable of handling more, we’re positive we’ll be more generous, or so we think.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Trusting God is hard. It demands faith. Faith in a God we can neither see, nor touch. We either believe Hebrews 11:6, or we don’t. Half measures don’t cut it. The verse finishes by stating God is a rewarder of those who seek Him. IF we believe that, then His reward, His provision, should be enough.

Commit to trusting Him a little more today than yesterday… regardless of your circumstances. You will be rewarded for your effort.

Be blessed!

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