In Awana, your children engage the foundational Bible truths that can sustain their faith for a lifetime. 

Awana is a ministry that assists churches in reaching children with the good news of Jesus Christ and in training them to serve Him.  Awana is all about fun with a purpose – to win and grow kids for Christ.  The Awana name is an acrostic derived from a verse in the Bible found in 2 Timothy  2:15, “Approved workmen are not ashamed.”

Awana is a Wednesday weekly program consisting of three parts. 

Counsel Time - Includes group Bible study and application.

Handbook Time - Learning and training time focused on how the Bible should impact our daily lives and committing God’s Word to memory.  

Game Time - Packed with exciting activities including both team and individual competition.  

Our Awana is broken into three age groups:  

Cubbies (3-5), Sparks (K-2nd Grade), and T&T (3rd-5th Grade).

Check out the Awana apps for kids!!

Moms and Dads, you are essential in helping your child to get the most out of Awana! Encourage your children to attend Awana every week. Consistency will help your child excel!

  • Make sure they bring their Bible, book and wear their vest each week so that they can receive their awards when they are earned.
  • Be sure they arrive on time - 6:20-6:30p (not before). Promptness helps our program keep on track and ensures your child will not miss out.
  • Be sure to fill out a Family Registration Form and return it. This will alert us of any allergies or special medication your child needs and will give us a way to reach you in case of emergency.
  • Pick up your children promptly at 8:15p. For their safety, the children will gather in the Old Sanctuary. They will then be loaded into your car as you pull forward alongside the curb.
  • Children being Cubbies in August following their third birthday, and are promoted to new classes in August according to their grade in school.
  • Awana is intended to complement the adult small group Bible studies, and should not be used as free childcare. We strongly encourage all parents find and connect to a KGroup happening all over the community. Check here for a current list of groups!
  • Always encourage your child. Children have much more fun when Mom and Dad show interest in their accomplishments.
  • To avoid distractions in Awana, please discourage your child from bringing their toys, electronics, money, etc.
  • We strongly encourage kids to wear tennis shoes to Awana each week as many of the games we play in the gym are easier and safer with tennis shoes. All kids are required to participate in game time unless a parent/guardian has requested otherwise.

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