What is Fight Club?

A key way to grow in your faith is to go deep into discipleship with a few other people. Jesus did it. Maybe you should do it?! 

Fight Clubs are small, simple groups of 2-3 men who meet regularly to help one another fight for faith in the gospel.

How to Get Started:

   1. Download the Fight Club Discussion Questions
   2. Download the Fighter Verses App (ios/Andriod)
      Or use the web page
   3. Choose a friend or two

Start by checking with those you know in your KGroup. Establish an agreed upon level of confidentiality within your group. Make a commitment to one another.

Warning: Fight Clubs of uncommitted people simply don’t promote gospel-centered discipleship. 

   3. Set a regular time and place to meet.

One of the first things you should do is sync your calendars for a regular meeting time. If you don’t schedule a regular meeting time, you won’t meet regularly. Meet weekly or no less than bi-weekly. Allow at least an hour for discussion and prayer. 

We believe that following this simple Biblical process will absolutely transform your walk with Jesus. Remember, fight for faith in the gospel. For every look at sin, look ten times at Jesus!

  • If you need help in this process, contact Pastor John at (229) 400-7652 or click here