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You are Rich!
Text: 2 Corinthians 8:9

How could the extremely poor churches of Macedonia be rich?

Back in verse two, Paul tells us that their extreme poverty overflowed into a wealth of generosity. Yes, they were rich in generosity. But is this what Paul is referring to in verse 9?

Trusting God to meet our needs doesn't come naturally, but as our view of God grows, the greater we trust Him. The Macedonians understood that giving is not subtraction but multiplication in God's economy, with the goal being a greater harvest of righteousness (2 Corinthians 9:10). This harvest of righteousness is the advancement of God's work on earth so more and more people will trust in Jesus, give glory to God, and live forever with Him for all eternity.

This is possible because Jesus became poor for our sake!

I recently overheard a conversation at a coffee shop in a different city. A guy, probably in his early 30s, was talking to some younger men. He said, "Jesus didn't come to earth to die. He came to bring social justice and economic equality." Sadly, this type of spirituality is prevalent in our culture. It's an attempt to merge Jesus with our progressive culture. It is an attempt to deny Jesus' resurrection and explain life from a strictly naturalistic worldview.

But Jesus' financial status could do nothing to make anyone rich. One commentary explains it this way: "Christians are enriched not exactly or solely by means of Christ’s poverty (i.e., his incarnation) but by his death as the climax of his entire incarnate life of obeying God."

Conversations like the one I overheard in the coffee shop are a big reason I want to see us add additional space to our campus through the Growing Grace campaign. This campaign is crucial for Grace Church and Grace Christian Academy, as it allows us to continue our commitment to discipling kids and students who understand the gospel, possess a robust Biblical worldview, and can defend their Biblical worldview in this culture in a way that displays the love of Jesus Christ!

I am excited to announce that our leadership made significant progress towards our 3.5 million dollar goal at the Advanced Commitment night on Saturday! Our church and school leadership pledged $2,374,800!

I pray God is leading your family to commit to the Growing Grace campaign this Sunday! Let's sacrificially give for the eternal wealth of those we influence through our church and school!

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